Family Mart's Free Wi-Fi Service

A step-by-step photo guide

By Haruka Saijo   Aug 8, 2013

You may assume that Japan is a technologically advanced country and that you'll definitely have access to your online world 24/7 during your trip, but unfortunately, it's not an easy task to find Wi-Fi in Japan. However, with a little bit of preparation, the useless tablet or smartphone you have been carrying around can still turn into a wonderful door to the Internet.

I tried out Family Mart's free Wi-Fi service, which was good quality (fast and smooth). I'll first show you how to do the preparation in the store and then how you'll be able to connect to the Internet with some demonstration photos.

Note: They do not have an English page for the Family Mart Wi-Fi service, so I recommend that you follow the pictures carefully and in the correct order.

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Justin Velgus 3 years ago
Seems a little complicated to set up, but a step in the right direction. How can I check my mailbox if it is the first time I sign up and can't use internet? Maybe I can't. This is one big flaw with some of the free Wi-Fi.
Arubi Pon Pon Pon 3 years ago
The application "Japan Wi-Fi" automatically find free wifi spots on the map and it enables you to use wifi connction without log in everytime you find a free wifi spot. I suggest you to download it! (^-^)
Haruka Saijo Photographer 4 years ago
Thanks for the comment. As you said, if you don't have any WiFi connection, you won't be able to get the verification email. So what I recommend is to rent a phone with limited data and use it only when you want to make a new WiFi connection.
Wouter Thielen 4 years ago
This is very useful for tourists! I just wonder about one thing: when you register for the first time, will you still be able to access your e.g. Google e-mail to get the verification e-mail? Because at that time you still don't have complete WiFi connection, right?
Larry Knipfing 4 years ago
Great information, Haruka. Thanks for making this information available to everyone!