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Lapis Design & Art Supply

Art supplies in central Roppongi

When inspiration strikes in Tokyo, Lapis Design & Art Supply is the place to go. Situated 2 minutes walk from Roppongi Station, Lapis is centrally located, designed to satiate a range of art and stationery needs for those who frequent the Roppongi district. The shop of course draws its name from the renowned semi-precious stone, Lapis lazuli, which has been long prized for its intense color used as pigment for the paint known as 'Ultramarine'.

The shop stocks a wide range of art supplies including an extended selection of paint varieties and brands including watercolors, gouache, acrylic and oil paints. There is also a limited stock of print-making supplies available. Additionally, you can find boxed sets of sumi inks, which are used for the traditional Japanese art of 'sumi-e'. Sumi-e is a widely recognized style of ink wash painting, which traditionally used only black ink. If you're in Japan, why not give it a go? You'll find all you need to get started at Lapis Design & Art Supply. The boxed sets also make for a great gift for friends and relatives.

Of course, being situated in Roppongi, the art supply store stocks products which are mostly popular with local clients. During the day, Roppongi is a wealthy business district, and the central location for many big-name companies. There is a strong sense of a global art scene in Roppongi, especially in Roppongi Hills where you can find the Mori Art Museum — a must-see for any art aficionado visiting Tokyo. This means that they have an extended stock of stationery, from the regular pens, pencils, to more specialized supplies such as letter templates, cutting boards, and specialty papers. You can also find sets of black postcards near the notebooks and journals section, to create your own postcard design. This is a wonderful alternative to the standard dime a dozen postcards you see all over Japan.

However you'd be wrong to assume Lapis Design & Art Supply stocks just supplies: they also have a copy printing and framing service available. There are also stock frames available for purchase, including glass frames for display of photographs or office signage.

In an unbeatable location, Lapis Design & Art Supply is a mecca for artists, designers and creative minds alike.

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