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Trying Mezcal in Roppongi at La Mezcaleria Jicara

Mezcal, tequila and more Latin-American influences

La Mezcaleria Jicara Bar & Grill specialises in the Oaxacan liquor, mezcal, of which tequila is a commonly known variety. Since December 2014, Jicara has been bringing this Mexican staple to the heart of Roppongi, serving up a fantastic range of mezcal, as well as spirits, wine and beer, as well as food menu of Mexican, French, Italian and Spanish influences, appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Mezcal is traditionally served in the half-cut shell of a Mexican gourd, called a 'Jicara' (pronounced 'hikara'), the namesake of this establishment. Most mezcal is produced in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, with everything imported to Japan and Jicara the lead mezcal bar in Japan. Common varieties include Madrecuixe, Arroqueño, Tepeztate and Tobalá (deemed the king of mezcals), but the list goes on – there are 47 varieties based on the species of agave used in the production process. Jicara serves everything as well as several original mezcalita cocktail creations.

Jicara has ample table and bar seating for over 50 people, with private space for groups of 6-8 also available. Mexico influences abound at Jicara, with a dark, warm atmosphere and wooden finish to the Oaxacan decor. Soft, orange underlighting adds character to the bar area. Mezcal drinks typically start around ¥1,000, but a wide selection is available.

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