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Clubbing in Roppongi

Heart and soul of the Tokyo club scene

Finish your day off with a bang in the lively streets of Roppongi, the host of several foreigner friendly bars and clubs. The world is your oyster with a large array of clubs and bars to choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice. Clubs you may want to look out for are Vanity, Opera, Muse, A-Life, Flower and Wall Street. Entrance fees typically range from 2,500-3,500 yen for men and free or discounted tickets for women. However, the expensive tickets usually include one or two drinks in the price.

You can reserve tables, but it may cost you an arm and a leg so it would be best to save it for birthday parties. Food is generally served until 11 pm, where you can find plenty of party snacks and light dinners on the menu. As to be expected with a club in Tokyo, all drinks imaginable are on offer but they are pretty pricey so it’s best to drink in moderation (if you can help it).

The best nights to be in Roppongi are Thursday and Friday, followed by a mellower Saturday night. Friday night is when all the 20-somethings hit the streets, staying in town after the last train, and leaving for the suburbs when the first trains start again on Saturday morning.

The general etiquette for foreigners wanting to meet someone is that in clubs and bars it's OK to go up and start a conversation with the opposite sex. But if they give you body language indicating they're not interested, then leave it that and try somewhere else. Persistence can quickly come across as threatening, which can lead to embarrassing situations with bouncers later... That said, come 11:00 pm on Friday night, the serious partiers are probably going to be a bit inebriated, and it gets easier to match up.

Whether you want to test your skills on the dance floor or relax on the sofas with a drink in hand, you can be guaranteed a fun and sociable night out.

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Anonymous 10 years ago
I liked that you didn't glorify the location as much as you could have; it's definitely nice to know a little bit more of the honest background such as the pricey drinks and such. I also enjoyed how you added the bit about the "match up" process and found it amusing.
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 11 years ago
I am not really a party goer and so I'm not fond of clubbing, but the way you wrote about clubbing in Roponggi makes it appear interesting to me. But, I wonder why the entrance fees are (sometimes) free or discounted for women and not for men. Care to explain for me, please. Thanks.

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