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Club Vent Tokyo

A house and techno experience like never before

Sounds that permeate the air, neon lights, great drinks, a lively crowd...the exhilarating events of a night out are always fun in a city that never sleeps. When out clubbing, you can't really seem to hear anything over the loud music, but it’s compromise you're willing to make. Fortunately, at Vent Tokyo you don't have to sacrifice your eardrums for the sake of a fun night. Club Vent Tokyo opened this year, and it features optimal acoustics within its walls in order to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind music experience. You get the best of both worlds: A place to dance to a crafted selection of house and techno music all night, and a lounge where you can sip on your favorite drinks and relax. 

Vent Tokyo is located inside a building on a main intersection in Omotesando. Once you find the Festae Omotesando building, you just go straight to the very end of the first floor, and Vent Tokyo will be down the concrete stairs. The space has an underground charm to it. The doors open at 11pm and stay open until 6am! When you first walk in, you may think you've entered a concrete art gallery. The layout is nothing short of an art piece itself, with a very minimalist and chic interior. There are two bars, one behind the entrance booth which plays Japanese techno or house music, and the main bar. The main bar and lounge have a space for people to stand and mingle. It also offers small seating options (reserved seats included) and nature-inspired art pieces.

The lounge turns into the dance room as two concrete slits in the wall divide the spaces. Not only is it visually interesting, but the club's structure and building materials themselves were carefully chosen to aid in the natural refraction of sound throughout the space. On the dance floor people dance freely and DJ's spin at the front while neon lights follow their unique melodies. It’s kept dark aside from the lights, which encourages people to dance as their heart desires! My favorite part was that I could literally feel the music. It felt as though it was coming from the floor, the walls, the air...it was really something! I got transported to that DJ's unique world. At the same time, I was able to comfortably talk to the people next to me without shouting. That was all possible due to Vent Tokyo’s new sound reinforcement system. Before they opened this August, their goal was to create "the best quality sound from another dimension." I was really surprised because after hours of being at the front of the dance room, I left the club without any buzzing in my ears.

Vent Tokyo is quite unique as a bar and a sound space. It's gained fame in Tokyo for its expert sound design and events. For the tech-savvy audio connoisseurs, I've linked their website so you can check out the details for yourself! I highly recommend it. They have different events each weekend, and frequently host famous International DJs as well as local DJs. On the day I went, DJ Jeff Mills was spinning and it was a full house! The club itself is very foreigner friendly and has an inclusive feel, so you're bound to meet people who also love music and other subcultures.

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