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On Rocco's Pizza 3 years ago
I recently moved to this area and just LOVE Rocco's! And luckily for the extra lazy (like me), they deliver.
On Tokushima's Iya Valley 3 years ago
This makes me yearn to leave the claustrophobic city and escape into the countryside. Wonderful article.
On Susukino Ice Festival 5 years ago
Yes, Susukino is definitely the clubbing area of Sapporo, so it's always crowded. Luckily, the Ice Festival is free of charge, just as the Snow...
On Hokoku-ji Temple, Kamakura 5 years ago
Hokoku-ji Temple is one of my favorite Kamakura destinations. It was one of my first sight-seeing spots I visited when I moved to Japan a few...
On Pfft Cat Cafe, Okayama 5 years ago
I've been in Japan for a few years, but I've never thought about actually visiting a cat cafe. It's just a completely bizarre concept for me....