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Winter Visit to Kusatsu Onsen

One of the famous Onsen in Japan, Kusatsu Onsen is situated in north-west area of Gunma Prefecture. Gunma is known for having so many good onsens, and I'm very proud of it as I'm a onsen lover. These photos were taken in mid February, and they still had thick layer of snow even though there wasn't any snow found in Takasaki city.

Surrounded by the mountains assures that there is an endless supply of fresh onsen coming out from the area. This onsen town is just the right size for everyone to enjoy a nice and quiet trip, and also fun walking around with one hand holding a special onsen manju sweet! Furthermore, there are a few free public onsens available, as well as different types of onsens can be experienced around the Kusatsu town.

The high season for Kusatsu Onsen is said to be during summer, but if you would like to take in an Onsen while watching snowfall, it will be a great idea to visit here during the winter. Since there is skiing around in the area, many skiers seem to enjoy relaxing at the onsen.

This onsen town makes everyone want to return to Kusatsu Onsen every year!

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