About translations

Getting started

You'll need to specify your language settings in your Account Settings to unlock the Translation mode on the site. We support translation from English into 12 languages including Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, French, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Rules for translators

  • Translations must be of a native written standard. We cannot re-write submissions that are not of near-publishable standard.
  • Translations should be localised to some extent to target the audience you are writing for – we cannot publish translated material that does not make sense to readers of that language.


  • Links should be localized whenever possible.
  • Links may be omitted if no localized version exist, but you must plan ahead what links could be added from the outset.
  • Links for important travel purposes (e.g. online purchase of tickets or tours) existing only in English should be maintained as is.

What we are looking for

Our goal with translation is to make available the very best and most useful content in other languages.

When visiting the new Translation queue in the dashboard, you'll see a variety of contents listed that are available for translation. The list includes:

  • Official content from our internal team that we are recommending for translation.
  • Popular content we feel is worth sharing in other languages.

As source articles get updated over time, translators will be contacted to help arrange updates to any affected translations. Depending on the urgency, in some cases a translation may be temporarily returned to draft.

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