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When signing up, every contributor is assigned to a Regional Partner. Our Regional Partners represent each of Japan's prefectures, and know their assigned prefectures in considerable detail.

If you are located within one of Japan's 47 prefectures, we'll make sure you get assigned to your local partner who will help you get started. They will not only act as your editor for new contributions, but will also be able to suggest ideas for contributing to the site.

Submitting Content

As a contributor, make sure to complete all fields for your content.

Before submitting your piece, make sure you have proof-read your article at least once and checked the article in 'Preview' (this option exists at the top of the CMS).

If have any queries, you can use the messaging area to contact your Regional Partner.


When you have submitted a new piece of content, your Regional Partner will be notified and aim to proofread and check your submission.

If everything is okay, your submission should be published within 24-48 hours, but feedback and suggestions might mean it takes longer.


When your Regional Partner approves your submission, you'll receive a notification. Congratulations – you are now published on Japan Travel!

Published content and the Regional Partner network is overseen and supervised by our Content Manager, who'll make sure new content adheres to our guidelines and will occasionally provide feedback to both contributors and our partners.

We showcase the best submissions both around the site and on our social media – we hope that we can share your article too!

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