Choosing a content type

Japan Travel comes with various templates for different writing styles. Below are a summary of what formats there are and which one to choose for each purpose.

Type Description
Destination report

The scope for the main article type is individual location reports or place reviews that can be pinned on our map.

*For multiple destinations such as Itineraries or top 5 places use the blog type.

Photo stories Photo Stories are designed for communicating in photos, or where you want to provide a more in-depth commentary with each image
Video report Videos are synced with our YouTube channel.

Guides cover practical, how-to information on a range of topics, in an easy-to-navigate format.

They should be well-researched and fact-checked, and they are routinely reviewed to keep up-to-date.

News Our News section summarises commentary on the latest updates in the Japan travel industry.

Our blogs showcase more freeform articles on Japanese culture, travel and society.

Blogs can also be used for Itinerary reports and multiple destinations.

Events Our Events section aims to showcase diverse range of events around Japan – from annual festivals to local activities.

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