How to increase engagement on your articles?

How can you increase engagement on your articles? Is it enough to create a compelling article, but then have the reader just move on afterwards?

Here are our tips.

Media embeds

Embedding photo or video into your article can provide interaciton opportunities for readers, ie. opening a photo gallery, or watching a video.

Tell a story

Keep the audience engaged by using a storytelling approach to reveal key pieces of information – this rewards readers for continuing through your article and helps keep them glued to the end. It's also another reason to plan ahead your article to ensure there is a clear beginning, middle and end.

Challenge the reader

Invite the audience to comment at the end, or challenge them with a particular view or discussion item.

Internal links

Think about what kind of reader is looking at your article and, for those arriving via Google, what their search intent might be. This will help you identify what related Japan Travel articles might be naturally helpful to link to which will be worth including in your text. Make sure to space links out and use them sparingly yet strategically - linking out in the very first sentence could be confusing if just linking to a generic page for no core reason.

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