Overview to article creation

Here we provide a general overview of the article creation process:

  1. Plan your article
    Think before you write! Devise your article into 3+ sections against a clear purpose and make sure it would benefit the reader in some way.

  2. Adopt a neutral perspective
    Remind yourself of who the reader is, our preferred tone to engage with them, and what they likely know or don’t know.

  3. Title
    Set the scene and begin with what’s most important – don’t assume prior knowledge or spin a complex narrative from the outset.

  4. Subtitle
    Creative subtitles complement the title and set the scene

  5. Summary
    Summaries are easier to write once the article is complete, because you’ll have an idea of the article scope. However, summaries should be original, not duplicate existing article text.

  6. Article

    • Introduction
      Begin with what’s most important

    • Body text sections
      Write your article across multiple sections.

    • Make the most of formatting options: links, bulleted/ordered lists.

    • Embed images in the text – bring your text to life!

    • Make sure your headings are clear, not abstract. Readers skimming your article need to know what’s what.

    • Ask yourself if the reader needs to know something, and whether they have enough information to make an informed decision to (a) visit, (b) purchase etc.

    • Outgoing statement
      Craft a natural ending without ending abruptly. Insure interested readers know what to do next for more information.

  • Photo caption check
    Every photo benefits from a descriptive caption and is important for accessibility

  • Keyword check
    Make sure your article uses appropriate keywords and keyword phrases for your topic matter. Ensure these are used in section headings where possible.

  • Review
    Proofread your article

  • Links
    Find ~5 links on Japan Travel that would be appropriate to link to and add them in – the more specific the better and added as an in-line link – never use “click here”.

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