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When taking photos for uploading to Japan Travel, please bear in mind the following guidelines.

Respect facility rules

Please respect the rules and regulations for taking photographs at any facility you visit, and always follow the law.

Respect people's privacy

Please respect people's privacy when thinking about choosing which photos to upload – faces in a photo background is fine when taken in a public area, but if they are the subject of your photo, make sure you have their permission to publish.

  • We don't allow risqué shots unless context justifies (customers wearing towels at onsen, art, etc).
  • We don't allow shots of children that might show their identity.

Just because someone has allowed you to take their photo does not mean you have permission to upload their likeness to our site. Please bear this in mind when taking photos of people.

Respect Copyright

Only upload photos to the site that you have taken yourself, or have the right to do so. If you have obtained permission to upload someone else's photo, please include attribution information, even where not specifically required to do so - this makes it easier and faster for us to verify a photo's origin if it is made clear from the outset.

For Creative Commons images: correct attribution requires a mention of the:

  • author name
  • title
  • URL link to the page where the photo is located.
  • selection of the licence type.

E.g. Photo: Thomas Lu / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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