Step 4: Place & Meta

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Once the main article content is prepared, the final steps involve tagging and categorising your article appropriately.

Step 4: Place

Place Info

  • Add website information for the main destination in your article (add multiple URLs for other languages)
  • Phone number, fax and email: contact information for a sightseeing spot or business
  • Address in English: this is what will be shown alongside the article
  • Address in Japanese: this is what configures the Google Map pin - it can even be in English, or you can move the map pin manually.
Step 4: Options


  • Category: select a top-level category
  • Sub-category: select up to 3 sub-categories
  • Tags: add up to 5 tags to your article
  • Meta: opening hours, prices etc. Try to add as much info as you know.

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