Step 1: Titles

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How to write a good title

Titles must be:

  • Clear and specific

  • Optimised for search

  • Unique within the site (we show a reminder message if your title duplicates another on the site.)

  • Written in everyday English

  • Include a main title and subtitle:

    • Title: under 55 characters (including spaces)*
      Try to frontload keywords – our site “cards” truncate titles after 36 characters

    • Subtitle: under 65 characters (including spaces)

  • Subtitles should complement the main title, but the main title must be able to stand alone by itself.

How to write a good summary

Summaries (article descriptions) should:

  • Expand on the title without repeating it

  • Explain the point of the page and make sense in search results

  • Be written in full sentences (with a verb and a full stop).

  • Be front-loaded with words and phrases users are likely to search for.

  • Be written in plain English.

  • Explain any acronyms in the title

  • Be around 155 characters

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