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We are a community publishing platform, so by nature we try to give you contributor's a chance to showcase their ideas and creative styles.

With that said we want to help our members create engaging, successful articles that look good too, so we try to oversee the kind of content being created

Our recommendations

  • Granular Content i.e. articles about individual locations or topics.
    This could be a tourist attraction, hotel or restaurant. Our site's category, location and search navigation allows people to find your content more easily if it is tagged appropriately.
  • Original Content*
    Featuring places yet to be covered for the site gives you the best chance to see your article be successful.
  • Original Insights
    We're interested in covering locations from new angles and also improving article detail and photo quality over existing contributions.

*In addition, we also mean content published to Japan Travel should be unique and not duplicate of content published elsewhere. For SEO reasons, it is important that content published on Japan Travel is the canonical version, and neither duplicated elsewhere.

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