Fukuyama Ashida River Fireworks Festival

A dazzling display by the riverside

By Michelle Montano    - 1 min read
When: Aug 13th - Aug 15th 2022

Every year the city of Fukuyama finishes off its three-day summer festival with a 75-minute fireworks display over the Ashida River.

The show is held annually on the last day of Obon with over 13,000 fireworks.

Folks from all across Hiroshima Prefecture come clad in yukata to see the show and enjoy the festival food and atmosphere. Fukuyama is about half an hour away by Shinkansen from Hiroshima city, so it's a quick and easy day trip for any fireworks enthusiast in Hiroshima.

The location by the river creates the perfect vibe to end Obon with a bang.

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