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Mozart Cafe & Restaurant, Izumikyo

A Cafe Reminiscent of Mozart's Vienna

The Mozart Cafe and Restaurant located in Izumikyo Village is a charming place to enjoy locally sourced produce. You're bound to be amazed at the quality of food at this cafe & restaurant and be warned, you must get in quickly because most of the local favorites sell out quite fast. I wasn't quick enough as Shepherd's pie was sold out, so instead, my ridiculously huge sweet-tooth got the better of me and I opted for a cream cheese cake with fruit sauce. Akiko-san told me that the raspberries and black berries were picked that morning, and proceeded to usher me over and show me the bush they were growing from once I had finished. Mozart is open Wednesday ~ Sunday, 10:00 ~ 20:30 and is a 3 minutes drive from Hirafu Village on State Hwy 343. You can view their menu here.

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