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Dappi Dappi Pet Store in Kobe

Reptiles and pets

Dappi Dappi Pet store, a 5-minute walk from Motomachi Station in Kobe, has been owned by Yoshimura-san for over 10 years; he has been into herpetology since he was a kid. This is one of the very few pet stores in Kobe which breeds snakes. They have a variety of species like non-venomous snakes (ball pythons, corn snakes), geckos, lizards, frogs, rats and rabbits.

If you love reptiles or are looking for a pet, this is the pet store you must visit. I have always been interested in reptiles, especially snakes, and I spent a really long and nice time with Yoshimura-san talking about the various species. He speaks very little English; however, his immense knowledge about reptiles will surely leave you amazed.