Izanagi Jingu Shrine

The oldest shrine in Japan

 By Cathy Cawood   Nov 21, 2016

Izanagi Jingu enshrines the god Izanami who is supposed to have created Japan, handed it over to the goddess Amaterasu, and retired to Awaji Island. I visited on a cold spring day, and found a picturesque pond, and an impressive 900 year old camphor tree (I like trees). Izanagi Jingu's ema boards are shaped like peaches because there is a story about the god Izanagi hurling a peach at a demon.

Photography by Cathy Cawood
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Giovanni Perez 9 months ago
I really enjoyed the pictures you took . It makes me really want to go and check it out !
Cathy Cawood Photographer 9 months ago
I hope you have a chance to visit there. It's a very nice place!