20th Floor View of Morioka

View Morioka from the 20th Floor of the Malios Building

By Mifthanzi Ariana Sarashanti    - 1 min read

Surrounded by mountains and hills, it is really interesting to see the whole of Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture from above. Although there are no communications towers which can be used to see the city, as in other big cities, Morioka has a large, modern, multi-storey building that has the same function. Located in the heart of Morioka City adjacent to the West Exit of Morioka Station, the Malios Building has ample space on the 20th Floor for visitors to enjoy the whole view of the city as well as a buffet lunch. The 20th floor of the Malios building is immediately accessible by elevators situated in the main entrance hall. The building also holds substantial office space and is home to a small and large concert hall. There is no admission charge to enter the building and visitors can spend minutes or even hours here during normal opening times.

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