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Best Sweets for Green Tea in Japan!

Toraya Karyo Café, Yokohama SOGO

Toraya (とらや) is a traditional Japanese confectionery shop with over 500 years history. There are more than 80 shops all around Japan. They put an incredible amount of time and energy into cooking their azuki red beans, and they are really tasty. Toraya Karyo (虎屋菓寮) is a café attached to the Toraya shops. We can taste genuine Japanese sweets here. At lunchtime, they also serve a small lunch, carefully produced by high class Japanese restaurant, Kanetanaka. Customers who order this lunch can choose their favorite sweets after the meal. It’s expensive, but this is definitely a chance to try some of the best sweets for green tea in Japan! Cafes of Toraya Karyo are in Akasaka, Ginza, Yokohama SOGO, Kyoto, and so on.

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