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CONTINUUM | What Constitutes This World

An exhibition of works from Hiroko Nakajima

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Venue: POLA Museum of Art, Hakone When: Sep 18th - Mar 30th 2022

From September 18th, 2021 (Saturday) until March 30th, 2022 (Wednesday), the Pola Museum of Art in Hakone will host an exhibition of works from Hiroko Nakajima, a Japanese artist whose creations focus on geometric shapes and patterns. A graduate of Tokyo's Musashino Art University, Nakajima has often asked herself the question "what constitutes this world?", which is the inspiration behind the event.

The entire exhibition space will be filled with two-dimensional and three-dimensional works filled with different colors, shapes, and lines, allowing visitors to contemplate what constitutes this world for themselves.

Getting there

The POLA Museum of Art is located under 10 minutes by taxi from Gora Station, which is served by the Hakone Tozan Line.

For those who opt to drive to the museum, on-site parking is available at a cost of 500 yen per day.

Do note that this exhibition takes place at the Atrium Gallery located on the 1st floor of the museum.

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