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Genbei Beach Sandal Shop in Hayama

Got Flip-flops? Find the perfect color combination here

I love to stroll around in flip-flops and would wear them year round in Japan if I could. It reminds me of hanging loose in Hawaii; just feeling relaxed and not worrying about a thing. One day I was browsing through Instagram, one of my favorite photo & video sharing apps on my iPhone, and came across a picture that immediately grabbed my attention. A fellow Instagrammer captured hundreds of flip-flops in every color combination imaginable. It was here I discovered Genbei (げんべい), a local beach sandal shop operated only in Hayama, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

If you’re headed to any of the lovely beaches in Hayama, Zushi or Kamakura, you can certainly fit in a visit to Genbei. There are two locations in Hayama conveniently serving all beachgoers: Nagara (Route 311) and Isshiki (Route 134). You won’t miss the mustard colored storefront with blow-up beach toys and Genbei logo t-shirts dangling from its eaves. Let’s go inside!

Got Flip-flops? The entire wall is stocked with these thongs, slides, slippers, zōri, or tsinelas (depending on where you’re from), and is organized by shoe size in centimeters. My shoe size 7 US converts to 25cm Japan, so I proceeded to my section. Boy, was I overwhelmed with the color combination selection! So many ideas on how I could make a fashion statement. Do I go with my favorite team colors for American football (Go Chargers!), blue & yellow? Or, go neutral for the bulk of my summer wardrobe? At any rate, the price of 1,026yen (~$10.40) per pair for a durable beach sandal designed in Japan, produced overseas, and stamped with the Genbei brand name is a bargain. The patterns vary and have a slight wedge shape for comfort.

The other cool and surprising item they carry is the American sized t-shirt. Using the leading supplier of basic family apparel in the USA and Canada, Gildan Ultra Cotton, Genbei carries a ton of fun, printed logo shirts in a variety of colors. Available in sizes for adults and children, they are especially great as souvenirs from Japan. Even the baby rompers are just too cute for your favorite little one.

Bamboo mats, sand pails, and butterfly nets are great additions to your beachgoing adventure. Rain boots and hooded sweatshirts are perfect for the rainy season. Yukatas and Japanese sandals are a necessity for hanabi season. And underwear garments are required all year long. Genbei carries all of these items and more!

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