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Sankei-en Garden in Summer

Breeze, fresh green, dancing lotus, and singing cicada

Sankei-en Garden in summer gives us three fun attractions: a wonderful breeze blowing through fresh green, an elegant lotus pond, and a great chorus of cicadas. Sankei-en, which includes rich merchant Hara Sankei’s former residence and huge gardens, was built about 100 years ago. Hara opened his garden to his neighbors, welcoming them in from the very beginning of its construction. We can see this in old postcards.

A big pond just inside the gate is called O-ike. All the famous old photos of Sankei-en are taken from the edge of this pond. The shot from the pond includes a great distant view of a three-story pagoda high on a hill beyond the pond. Gorgeous lotus flowers fill a small pond to the right of O-ike. Go into the path behind this pond and you’ll find a viewpoint featuring both the lotus and the pagoda.

Please enjoy a cup of tea at a small café located at the far end of O-ike, and then walk toward the “Rinshun-kaku (臨春閣)” building. Along the way, some interesting spots are scattered along the path, such as old gates, a traditional teahouse, and a bamboo grove.

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