Yokohama's 'Sparkling Twilight'

Experience one of the newest and best firework displays

Venue: Yamashitacho When: Mid Jul 2021
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

Starting only three years ago, Yokohama’s ‘Sparkling Twilight’ is one of the newest firework displays to hit the summertime scene.

Held on a Saturday and Sunday evening during mid-July from about 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Sparkling Twilight is a highly enjoyable event boasting over 3000 fireworks along with one of the most laid back atmospheres you will find within any metropolis.

Situated along Yamashita Park’s picturesque seafront, this is a great place to visit on any occasion. With an abundance of great trendy restaurants, cafes and several roof-top beer gardens, what other backdrop could provide a better start to the summertime festivities?

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Chris a year ago
Guess I'll have to wait till 2019 for this one. Looks pretty cool.
Shiro Someya 5 years ago
Hi, I agree that definitely it will be really great to catch up the newest fireworks in Kanagawa, Yokohama city.

I heard that the fireworks and the event will be held this year on July 18th as well. Then we'll have a meetup under such a nice great fireworks, if you have any interests on it, feel free to join us!