Yokohama's 'Sparkling Twilight' 2024

Experience one of the newest and best firework displays

Venue: Yamashitacho When: Mid Jul 2024

Starting in 2011, Yokohama’s ‘Sparkling Twilight’ is one of the hottest firework displays to hit the summertime scene.

Held during mid-July from about 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Sparkling Twilight is a highly enjoyable event boasting over 3000 fireworks along with one of the most laid back atmospheres you will find within any metropolis.

Situated along Yamashita Park’s picturesque seafront, this is a great place to visit on any occasion. With an abundance of great trendy restaurants, cafes and several roof-top beer gardens, what other backdrop could provide a better start to the summertime festivities?

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Chris 5 years ago
Guess I'll have to wait till 2019 for this one. Looks pretty cool.
Shiro Someya 8 years ago
Hi, I agree that definitely it will be really great to catch up the newest fireworks in Kanagawa, Yokohama city.

I heard that the fireworks and the event will be held this year on July 18th as well. Then we'll have a meetup under such a nice great fireworks, if you have any interests on it, feel free to join us!


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