Things to Do in Kanagawa


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If you're visiting Kanagawa, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Kamakura is pure Japan. Often called “the little Kyoto”, Kamakura (only 1 hour from Tokyo by train) has hundreds of temples scattered around the hilly, green city.
Osanbashi Pier is wonderful. It affords a magnificent view in every direction. and is really a splendid place.
Enjoying the aquarium and sea life at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Nestled in the hills of Hakone resides an art museum like no other – at least in Japan. The Hakone Open-Air Museum is just that, a museum open to the great outdoors .
As a photographer I always look for good light and contrast. Minato Mirai has both in abundance, and at night, magically transforms itself into a fantastic night scene.
Enoshima may not be as ‘branded’ a place as its illustrious and UNESCO World Heritage Site applicant neighbor Kamakura City but it has got its own charms and elegance.
Officially Japan’s tallest building, the Landmark Tower is an enormous skyscraper that is home to a beautiful observation deck, a 5-star hotel, and super fast elevators.
A ropeway to the top of Hakone's highest mountain, Komagatake. Incredible views of Mt. Fuji, a small shrine, and great hiking trails.