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Ocean by Naked

Immerse yourself in an underwater adventure of lights

Venue: Asobuild When: Oct 11th - Jan 27th 2020

Ocean by Naked at Asobuild offers a completely immersive experience for the senses. Wander your way through this incredible light aquarium that is sure to make lasting memories for all who visit.

With eight different locations within the exhibit, and each one delighting, Naked has developed something truly special for guests. There are over 100 different species of sea creatures to see and interact inside this light-projection underwater world. The exhibition will be up for a limited time from October 11, 2019, to January 27, 2020. Fans of aquariums and light shows won’t want to miss Ocean by Naked; it’s especially thrilling for couples and families. Take a stroll through this illuminated undersea wonderland and prepare to be amazed.

Pose with the "Fluid Wall"
Pose with the "Fluid Wall" (Photo: Naked)

Your underwater oasis

The graphic board outside sets the mood for the interior exhibition. Traveling from the beaches to the deep sea prepares you to step into the second area “To the Sea.” In this entry corridor, the scent of water fills your senses from the cool sprays filling pools by your feet. You are cast into a very watery world that leads you to the next area, “Fluid Wall.” In this area, guests can interact with the lightmapping by “swirling” the paint on the walls and watch the paint bubble into wild-colored jellyfish that float away.

Watch your step in the “Shoal of Shadows,” where schools of sardine swim and play on the walls. Marvel as the water gets deeper and deeper, showing you what wonders lay on the ocean floor. Children will especially love the shadow projector that turns your shadow into a fish head and follows your movements. Move along to “Into the Deep” where you’ll be submerged down into a mystical world of 6,500 meters. It’s a fantasy world that leads you into the main attraction hall of “Paradise.”

Become a fish!
Become a fish!

The walls and floors are illuminated with living organisms everywhere you look in “Paradise.” Indeed, no surface is left uncovered. You’ll be entranced by the three various interactive areas as marine snow, mimicking deep-sea plankton, created by indoor snow machines drifts down on you.

The first part of “Paradise” is a light-mapped sandbox with critters among the sand for you to “dig” up; you’ll find rays, crabs, and starfish, and more! On the projection wall, visitors can tap the wall to reveal one of fifteen sea creatures, including some rare ones! Will you be able to discover and name them all? And every five minutes you’ll be amazed by the beautiful illuminated sea show; follow a whale and other marine animals as they swim through this fantasy show.

Fun for the family
Fun for the family (Photo: Naked)

Begin exiting the exhibition through the “Deep Sea Tunnel” where lasers create the illusion of walking through the depths of the ocean floor. And finally, “Surf ‘n’ Reef” lets guests walk through and iconic tunnel of crashing waves. The whole experience is picture-perfect and lovers of the mysterious and beautiful won’t want to miss out.

Once you’re out of the exhibition, there’s one more stop to make: the “Secret Beach” gift shop. With original goods, treats, drinks, and even aroma perfume it’s a one-stop spot for all who enjoyed the show. There’s even a small sandpit where you can dig up small sea creature toys, especially popular with children.

Pose with the colorful splash wall
Pose with the colorful splash wall

Getting there

Asobuild is located at the South East Exit of Yokohama Station. The exhibit is on the 2nd floor.

More info

Find out more about Asobuild.


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Geez, but that's some vibrant colouring there...
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Digital art seems to become quite popular and it's really spectacular! I watched it in the digital art museum on Odaiba.