A Mini Oasis in Fujisawa 15

A Mini Oasis in Fujisawa

On the way home in one of my wanderings around Fujisawa Station, I stumbled upon a mini oasis in the rapidly expanding concret..

Kanagawa 8
The Holy Light 13

The Holy Light

Trying out an old camera, I spent time walking towards Ofuna City and discovered Jochi-ji, a Zen temple in Kita-kamakura built in..

Kanagawa 11
Celebrating the Lights of November 12

Celebrating the Lights of November

Inspired by Werner Herzog and Matsuo Basho, I decided one Sunday in November to go for a long walk. I wanted to celebrate and capture..

Kanagawa 11
Golden Hour in Kamakura 12

Golden Hour in Kamakura

There are a hundred and one reasons for visiting the ancient city. This time I had one specific purpose - to capture images during..

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Nara Kingyo Museum

Nara Kingyo Museum

Elena Lisina

The unique goldfish Nara Kingyo Museum is dedicated to the ancient art of goldfish breeding and the artistic presentation of goldfish..

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