Two Walks, Two Seasons

Two Walks, Two Seasons

Each walk through Kamakura is never the same. No matter how many times I’ve visited the ancient capital, there is always somet..

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Scenes From a Walk Along Arakawa River

Scenes From a Walk Along Arakawa River

To be able to film the burning red momijis in the wind was a first experience. Dancing red leaves in the autumn breeze and watching..

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The Momijis of Shosenkyo 11

The Momijis of Shosenkyo

Taking advantage of the government’s Go to Travel Campaign, I took a day-trip to Shosenkyo Gorge in Yamanashi. The momijis wer..

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A Short Walk in Yokohama  12

A Short Walk in Yokohama

This is a photostory of a brief walk from JR Ishikawacho Station through Chinatown to Sakuragicho Station amidst the COVID-19 pandemic...

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Symbolic Colors in Japan

Symbolic Colors in Japan

Elena Lisina

Red, white, black, blue, gold, and violet colors are found quite often in Japanese traditions. This blog is dedicated to the meanings..