Watch: Volcanic Gases at Owakudani

Hakone's famous active volcano area

By Gonzague Gay-Bouchery    - 1 min read

Owakudani is an area around a crater created during Mt Hakone's last eruption some 3,000 years ago. Today Owakudani is still an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, hot rivers and hot springs are heavily present.

Despite being a very famous tourist attraction where were you can enjoy, in some safe zones, a gorgeous view of Owakudani fumes and Mt. Fuji, the place also offers you the chance to purchase eggs naturally cooked in one of Owakudani's hot water springs. The eggshells are blackened by the sulfur and are said, according to local folklore, to prolong your life by a good seven years.

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Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

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