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Ryokan Gosaikan

An exquisite ryokan in Hakone

Gosaikan (五彩館) isn't centrally located in the city of Hakone, but it is walking distance from Sounzan Station on the Hakone Ropeway network. This means that you can take the Hakone Ropeway and get to the sightseeing spots right away, as it connects the major tourist spots in Hakone. The volcanic springs and Lake Ashi are perhaps the two most visited spots in Hakone. For travellers looking elsewhere, the bus stop at the entrance of the hotel can take you further afield.

One highlight of this ryokan is the hot spring bath. Almost everyone comes to Hakone for the hot springs. Taking the opportunity to use the spring bath, I found the experience was very relaxing and somewhat healing - just perfect after a full day of sightseeing.

Hakone developed as a resort town for business executives to take a week off and relax. In fact many facilities are still owned by big companies are meant for their employees' welfare. This resort was similarly used by an American company until it became available to the public. Currently it has around a dozen Japanese style rooms, and is run by a few friendly staff.

This resort boasts a recreational lounge, a huge restaurant, hot springs and traditional rooms. I was personally impressed by the rooms which were immaculately kept, as traditional Japanese rooms usually are. The views outside are stunning - it is a glorious experience to fall sleep and wake up in full view of entire mountain range at sunrise.

Like most resorts in Hakone, your stay will include breakfast and dinner. The dinner was simply outstanding. I lost track of the number of Japanese side dishes, and the proprietors were keen to serve as much food as was needed. I was humbled by their hospitality.

For a Hakone ryokan, the rates at Gosaikan are very reasonable, ranging from ¥7500 to ¥9500 depending on size and style of the room. Thanks to the friendly staff, the beautiful views and the hot spring, you can truly relax during your stay here. For the complete Hakone experience, it is worth your while choosing to stay at Gosaikan.

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