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Autumn at Hakone Museum of Art - 1

Radiant green moss garden with colored leaves

After visiting Hakone Shrine in late November two years ago, I dropped by at the Hakone Museum of Art.

The 'Shinsen-kyo (Homeland of Gods)' is a spacious garden on the premises of this museum, which was designated as one of the 'Registered Monuments of Japan' in 2013. It is not just a garden, but is more of a historical cultural asset.

Inside the garden, about 130 kinds of moss and 200 maple trees are planted, and seasonal beauty can be enjoyed in 'Moss Garden', 'Bush Clover Path' and 'Bamboo Garden'. Especially in November, the maple trees in the garden turn color in unison, the beauty of which has earned this garden the reputation as one of the best places to view autumn foliage. I visited here a little bit too late and the leaves were already falling, but still, I could enjoy the colored fallen leaves on the green moss in the garden.

'Shinsen-kyo' of Hakone Museum of Art - Autumn at Hakone Museum of Art - 1 - Autumn at Hakone Museum of Art - 2

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