Mizukami Country Park Hoihoi Hiroba

Picnic with your family and friends

 By Yui Yamaguchi   Apr 11, 2017

Mizukami Country Park has an obstacle course, long slides and a kids playground, all set in spacious grounds. Come here with your family and friends and stay for the whole day, where you can enjoy a picnic or play softball and football. The cherry blooms fully open in spring, but I couldn’t help having a nap on a warm sunny day.

Nearby is Gallery Cafe Sora (Sky Cafe) with light refreshments like shaved ice and chai, as well as delicious fruit juices, all at reasonable prices in a parkland setting.

You could also join in a celestial observation at night. Book with Mizukami-mura Council on 0966-44-0314.

This park is about 2 hours drive south east of Kumamoto city on route 219, making it a good day trip. Of course, this is a good stop on the way to Miyazaki, and over night options include the Ichifusa Kanko Hotel nearby, a traditional ryokan with a hot spring bath.

Photography by Yui Yamaguchi
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