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Amazing Outside Corridors -1

Eikan-do Temple - a collection of vertical corridors

Eikan-do 永観堂, officially called Zenrin-ji Temple 禅林寺 has a collection of amazing outside corridors connecting several temple buildings alongside a cliff. At first, it goes around some important small rooms bordered by beautiful gardens. We walk forward on the singing floorboards that are very enjoyable to walk upon and listen to. The long corridors look like a maze that turn left, right, and left. Eventually, it branches at the “Suikinkutsu 水琴窟” (water harp cave), and goes up in to two directions. The left side steps lead us to a cliffside building through curved corridors. The view from the top is fantastic. The right side steps go to Amida-do Hall 阿弥陀堂 where the temple's famous Amitabha Buddha statue is enshrined. Take a look at a video of the garden and pagoda here.

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