Arashiyama and Bamboo Forest

Fresh air and panoramic beauty in Kyoto

By Febry Fawzi    - 1 min read

Among all the attractions in Kyoto, Arashiyama is my favorite. The main reason is its beautiful scenery, but what else is there? Of course there is the well-known temple, Tenryu-ji, but I prefer to visit the famous bamboo forest.

Arashiyama means storm mountain and it is one of main destinations in Kyoto after Higashiyama, with Togetsukyo as its symbol. This bridge crosses the Katsura River. The scenery around Arashiyama is dominated by green in Summer. The mountains felt pleasant and soothing.

Many visitors come to Arashiyama to visit the bamboo forest. The beauty of this forest is known far and wide as a must visit place. It is so calming, you feel transported to another place walking through the bamboo groves. When the wind blows the green bamboo trees sway back and forth as if they are dancing and singing through their leaves and stalks. To reach Arashiyama and its bamboo forest, take a train on the Hankyu Line from Kawaramachi Station in Kyoto or Umeda station in Osaka. Enjoy the afternoon breeze by the Katsura River and immerse yourself with the peace of Japan.

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Relinda Puspita

Relinda Puspita @relinda.puspita

I am Indonesian. One year living Japan has woken up my wanderlust. I traveled alot at the time and loved every single of it. Hope to come back soon.

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