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Breakfast at Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

When travelling means to live

Anteroom is the little space between two rooms. It seems to be insignificant to deserve anyone's attention - it is just the room for transiting from one to another place. This is exactly what Hotel Anteroom Kyoto means to be. A comfortable space for travelers to take a break between destinations.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto has designed breakfast in its own style, for their visitors to refresh and detox themselves. They have carefully selected ingredients and products to gently awake you in the morning, recharging yourself to face a new day of adventure. Many of its signature dishes are made by the hotel's kitchen with seasonal ingredients. They believe that the food in season is the best fit, a reflection of what nature wanted us to eat during that time of the year. For summer, they serve fig jam, which is well paired with the tartness of fresh yogurt. The natural sweetness of the fig is not overwhelming and it is good for your body to keep your shape with the yogurt. The black sugar syrup and black beans are good alternatives if your appetite is steering you away from fruit that day. While it is hard to imagine having black beans with yogurt, but you should have a try and surprise yourself. The balance between the sweet and sour is wonderful. Apart from seasonal ingredients, they also believe that freshly made food will serve your body better. The staff in the open kitchen are ready to make pita and wraps to order whenever you are ready. While it is not table service, it is fascinating watching them make your breakfast, and it mentally prepares you for the meal as well. In Japan, people say that you eat with your eyes first.

While the ingredients are mainly vegetables they will usually add a bit of meat or fish to give you an energy boost for the rest of the day. With their homemade sauce, the juicy vegetables will definitely refresh your mind. Their hand made dried pumpkin chips and soya bean crisps toppings add crunch and nutrition. In this kitchen, you don't have to be concerned about any artificial additives that poison your body.

However, living is more than just eating. The hotel has a lounge for you to chill out with your friends or to meet others living in the hotel. Life is about interactions and exchanging your experiences with the others so you can enjoy and share it. The lounge is light filled, spacious and well-designed with good access to the rest of the hotel. The furniture is comfortable and chic. In fact, the design is similar to the living room of your home. You can relax on the couch, play chess or read magazines with a drink, or chat with that person next to you about anything you want to share about your day.The breakfast and lounge of Hotel Anteroom Kyoto are special and cannot be found in elsewhere of the city. It is gifted to be unique.

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