Exploring the Kurodani Cemetery - 1

Surprising images from a unique Kyoto landmark

By Larry Knipfing   May 24, 2014 - 1 min read

Call me strange, but I really love cemeteries. Not the kind with straight rows and green grass. I like old cemeteries that spread out in every direction, with surprises in store around every turn. Kurodani Temple's cemetery in Kyoto is exactly like that. I spent three hours here, in pure bliss, on a beautiful morning in early May. During the three hours, I met a handful of people but basically had the place to myself almost the entire time. I chatted with a man from the neighborhood for 10 minutes or so as we sat together in front of the pagoda at the top of the long stairs that climb the hill. The view of the city spread out below us was magnificent. It was quiet and peaceful, and I was thankful to be there.

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