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Quiet and Tranquil Kurodani Temple

Enjoy discovering details in this hilly modest temple

I'm guessing that Kurodani Temple is not high on the 'Recommended List' of most guide books. That's fine - let's keep it that way. The temple is quiet and tranquil and is mostly visited by locals, and families visiting the graves of their loved ones in the cemetery that covers the hillside surrounding the temple. But I will visit Kurodani every time I visit Kyoto; it's one of my favorites (along with a similar but much wilder cemetery in Nagasaki). If you are looking for a place where you can be by yourself, but not alone, this is the place! No crowds, no lines, no fees. It doesn't try to impress you, and so is very impressive.

-Exploring the Kurodani Cemetery - 1

-Exploring the Kurodani Cemetery - 2

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