Nagasaki's Great Buddhist Cemetery

Cemetery on mountain stretches along for over a mile

 By Larry Knipfing   May 21, 2012

The most amazing cemetery I have ever visited is located on a mountainside up behind the many temples that run along the Teramachi (temple town) district of the city. If you go up into the hills at Sofukuji and then wind your way to the left, going up and down the steep slopes, in and out, around and about, you will pass through a labyrinth of very old gravestones, Buddhist statues, huge trees, and secret corners. There is a surprise behind every turn. It is awe inspiring and beautiful at the same time. And from the ridge, you have an incredible view of the city below. 

Photography by Larry Knipfing
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賴國賢 a year ago
This is how happy smiling Buddha
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
The expression on the statue's face is so cute!