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Ishibei Koji Lane in Kyoto

An atmospheric walkway

Walking slowly through the narrow, winding back streets of Kyoto was one of the best experiences I had during my stay in Japan. I was literally lost in the narrow and traditional alleys of this town, feeling like I was on the set of a movie about ancient Japan, and Ishibei Koji Lane is the one that most fascinated me.

Close to Kodai-ji temple in the city's historic Higashiyama district, Ishibei Koji Lane, literally meaning "stone moat", is a most atmospheric pedestrian-only street, and certainly one of the most distinct in Kyoto. Strolling slowly along this street will take you back in time to the world of samurai and geisha, with nothing modern to see at all. The entire scenery of this lane and the houses are preserved as important historical buildings. This lane is home to venerable residences, traditional restaurants and ryokans (Japanese style inns), all with exquisite wooden facades.

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