Summer Gagaku Performance in Sendai

Traditional music and dance at Osaki Hachiman Shrine

Venue: Osaki Hachimangu When: Mid Aug 2024

On August 12th, the Gochinza-kinensai Ceremony is held at Osaki Hachiman Shrine in Sendai. This mid-summer ceremony is truly a traditional ritual, on the next day, the shrine performs a Gagaku music concert as part of a memorial dedicated to the Great Kanto Earthquake.

Gagaku is a form of traditional classical music which has been played in the imperial court and in shrines throughout Japan. Gagaku music is mostly played on very formal occasions, however, the shrine presented a unique Gagaku concert with a casual style.

The concert is held in a relaxing atmosphere, but that's not all. You'll even have the chance to experience singing songs along with the Gagaku performers! The highlight of the program is an authentic Kagura dance performed by Miko, shrine maidens, in elegant attire.

On August 12, the event is held from 6:30pm. On August 13 the memorial starts from 4pm until 6pm.


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