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On Mori no Ichiba Market in Sendai 3 years ago
Thanks for your comment! Fresh seafood is a main product in this market, but I personally recommend you to try Abekou's Miso senbei and ...
On Sendai hand-roasted Senbei Crackers 3 years ago
Hi Justin, I love this crispy senbei,:D The crackers were named after the Buddhist nun 'Koren (紅蓮)'. She was a Zen Buddhist nun at Mat...
On A Temple Stroll in Shihei-machi 3 years ago
Hi, Hiroko-san. Rinno-ji Temple is surely a beautiful place! The old shop, Yokota-ya, now selling toys and children's books, had been a Sendai...
On One Day Trip to Akiu Hot Springs 3 years ago
Thank you, Hiroko-san. I agree, Akiu is a wonderful hot spring in the suburbs of Sendai!