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Dainenji Temple Site, Sendai

Strolling around the lost temple on a hill

Ryosokusan Dainenji temple was founded in 1695 by Date Tsunamura, the fourth lord of the Date clan.

During the Edo period, the temple was thriving as one of the major Ming style Zen temples in Japan. Around 16.5 hectares of the Dainenji mountain area was home to the main temple and seven main halls. Twenty affiliated temples were built and more than two hundred monks were practicing Zen in Dainenji. Tsunamura died in 1719 and was buried in the temple’s yard. From then, most of the Date clan have been buried at this site.

Unfortunately, Dainenji was demolished after the Meiji Restoration. New buildings were constructed on the temple grounds in 1928. Now, just the old temple’s main gate and stone steps can be seen.

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