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Kyotographie 2018

Kyotographie 2018 is an international photography festival held in Kyoto from Apr 14th 2018 - May 13th 2018

Akasaka Intercity Air

The Akasaka Intercity Air development is 2017 s expansion on the original 2005 office–retail development, which encompass a new external green space to the site s eastern wing.

Suntory Premium Malt's comes to KFC

With spring slowly making way for the heat of summer, KFC is partnering with Suntory to launch their flagship beer, The Premium Malt s, at a select number of its Japan stores.

Fly Direct from Kaohsiung to Naha

Okinawa, or the Ryukyu Islands as they were known in earlier times, was the centre of maritime trade routes, from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia in the south, to mainland Japan and Korea in the north, and China to the west. While planes have now replaced ships as the travel mode of choice for most passengers, recent times have seen Okinawa experience a renaissance as a travel hub.

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP Museum), formerly known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, reopens its doors to the public on 3rd September 2016


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