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Suntory Premium Malt's comes to KFC
Limited rollout will see new beer and chicken combo sets
With spring slowly making way for the heat of summer, KFC is partnering with Suntory to launch their flagship beer, The Premium Malt's, at a select number of its Japan stores.
Fly Direct from Kaohsiung to Naha
The gateway to Japan and North East Asia
Okinawa, or the Ryukyu Islands as they were known in earlier times, was the centre of maritime trade routes, from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia in the south, to mainland Japan and Korea in the north, and China to the west. While planes have now replaced ships as the travel mode of choice for most passengers, recent times have seen Okinawa experience a renaissance as a travel hub.
Sendai Ramen Festa
Enjoy Ramen from the whole of Japan
Taste ramen from all over Japan
NICE Project for Tohoku Survivors
Enjoy outdoor activities with kids
Volunteer to support children living in the disaster area of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
Two years of large-scale renovations later, TOP Museum reopens
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP Museum), formerly known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, reopens its doors to the public on 3rd September 2016
Kishiwada Danjiri Festival 2016
High wire act of danger and tradition
The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is on Sept 16 and 17, 2016. The first festival was held in 1703 by the daimyo of Kishiwada city, and it celebrates local culture as well as the skills of the local craftsmen, many of them have been in the game for generations. This festival is known for its mixture of danger and excitement, and once you are on the streets in Kishiwada and Haruki, you will know why, as 35 neighborhood teams race their 4 tonne danjiri through the streets. At night, take it the markets or relax over a beer in the courtyard Kispa La Park, where you can also get together over a game of ten pin bowling or karaoke. Kishiwada and Haruki is just 30 mins away from either Osaka City and Kansai International Airport on the Nankai Wakayama and Airport Lines.
Fancy Banana Treats at 7-Eleven
Unique banana sweets this summer
As August 7 was Banana Day in Japan, 7-Eleven decided to debut banana themed treats to coincide with this event. They're chocolate banana eclair and pom doughnut flavored with chocolate and banana whipped cream.
Tohoku Free Fare with ANA
Fly Sydney Tokyo for a free Tohoku flight
ANA is offering a free Tohoku return flight from Tokyo for passengers purchasing a return ticket from Sydney. Experience the home of hearty festivals in the snow country, from the acrobatics at Akita’s Kanto Matsuri, to the charm of Sendai’s Pageant of Starlight. This offer ends on 31 August for travel between 1st September and 27th December 2016.
Pokémon Go Released in Japan
Japan residents and travelers eager to "catch 'em all"
Pokemon Go, a game for mobile devices, debuted in Japan on July 22nd.
Fuji Rock Festival 2016
Japan's biggest music festival returns for its 20th anniversary
Fuji Rock Festival 2016 returns for its 20th anniversary, and is held at the Naeba Ski Resort in the town of Yuzawa, Niigata prefecture
Found: 226 results