Hayabusa Tohoku Shinkansen (Photo: Jeremy Yap / JT)

Free Wi-Fi Now on Tohoku Shinkansen

JR offers free Wi-Fi on Tohoku and Yamanote line

By Claire Rieuneau    - 1 min read

As Japan receives more and more visitors from abroad, the number of places offering free Wi-Fi available will only increase. Japan Railways is joining in the trend too and, since May 1, will start to offer free Wi-Fi on board its bullet train services. For the moment, only the E5 Type 1 trains on Tohoku Shinkansen line (Tokyo–Aomori) are enabled, but it will be extended to include Type 3 trains in the near future.

All JR Yamanote Line stations already allow visitors to stay connected through the network “JR-EAST FREE Wi-Fi SSID”. It is easy to use and English-friendly for foreign tourist.


JR Press Release (Japanese)

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Claire Rieuneau

Claire Rieuneau @claire.rieuneau

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Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 6 years ago
I think it is high time that they make Japan a wifi-friendly zone. In my country, though wifi is very weak, yet they are generous about sharing it to everyone. Malls, restaurants, buses and terminals have free wifis... So when I got here in Japan, I found it ironic that one of the most advanced and high tech countries when it comes to internet, have very rare or no free wifis in public places (except the airport).
Justin Velgus 7 years ago
This is great news!