Godzilla as Tokyo’s New Ambassador

Shinjuku welcomes a new giant resident to lure tourists

By Claire Rieuneau    - 1 min read

After Hello Kitty in 2008, a 171 foot-tall Godzilla will welcome the tourists in Tokyo. Even though the monster has destroyed parts of Tokyo several times in its movies, the Shinjuku district has unveiled Godzilla as the new tourism ambassador. Godzilla now appears near the Shinjuku Toho Building, the biggest cinema in Tokyo.

“Godzilla is the character that is the pride of Japan,” said Shinjuku Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi.

Not only Godzilla, there is also the brand new Hotel Gracery, that will be inaugurated next week. If you want to share some time with the giant lizard, there will be rooms known as the “Godzilla Room” in the building for ¥39,800 (approximately $330). The rooms will have a nice view of the gargantuan monster, a huge claw above your bed and others references that fans will be happy to discover themselves.

“Until now Godzilla has been simply destroying, but we hope it will now contribute to the prosperity of Kabukicho and Shinjuku,” explained the head of Toho’s movie division, Minami Ichikawa.

Let see how the giant lizard will compare to the cute kitty!

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Claire Rieuneau

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