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A Look at BBC Nagayu

Mountainside cabins in a riverside grove

How about spending a few days in a small cabin in the woods, along a rushing river, with 13,000 mountaineering books and a cozy work desk to spend your days? On top of that, add a free pass to a hundred-year-old hot spring bathhouse just around the corner. Aso-Kuju National Park is just a few minutes away by car. BBC Nagayu is your oasis in the Japanese countryside if you heed its call.

Found on the edge of the onsen village of Nagayu in Oita, there isn’t much excitement in the neighborhood. The sounds of birds, rushing water, and wind in the trees dominate.

Simple and comfy rather than luxurious, this bed and breakfast is known as a place of healing, art, and study. In typical Japanese fashion, there’s a knack for maximizing the smallest of areas in its design. Take a look at its humble, yet clean, neat, and natural spaces in photos.

B・B・C 長湯—Bii Bii Shii Nagayu—BBC Nagayu

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