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Nago Grocery Store

A peaceful souvenir shop and cafe in downtown Nago

Nago Grocery Store is a beautiful souvenir store located in downtown Nago. Nago is the largest Northern city on the main island of Okinawa and the city has a slower pace than Naha. This store is located on the second floor in the Nago Municipal Market, a building complex which houses traditional stores selling fresh meat and seafood as well as fruits and vegetables. Despite the name, this is a home goods and souvenir shop as well as a cafe. The store feels like an unexpected find as it is very different in appearance and function from the surrounding stores in the complex.

The store is dedicated to selling various artisan crafts that are created by local artists from Nago City. Ceramic cups, glass products, indigo-dyed textiles, T-shirts, and various packaged snacks are among some of the items that are available. Health foods and local natural soaps are also showcased. Posters, postcards, and art prints are also for sale. Everything seems to be tastefully chosen and the selection is curated, making it feel very personal and unique. It is hard to leave the store without buying something. The atmosphere of the store is classy and quiet, with natural wood shelving and tropical plants. The staff is very helpful.

The store acts as a small cafe as well with tea and coffee drinks that can be ordered to go or enjoyed in a limited counter seat space. They serve a local black tea from Okinawa (Kanigawa) that has won awards. The iced coffee is very refreshing in the summer heat. There are also canned or bottled local juices and packaged local teas on the store shelves. Nago Grocery Store is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It makes a nice stop on the way back from the Churaumi Aquarium or Kouri Island.

Getting there

Nago Grocery Store is on the 2nd floor of the Nago Municipal Market. There is parking in the local area and validation if you shop at the store.

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