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Takatsuki Jazz Street Festival

One of the greatest free music shows in Japan

By Ross-Barry Finlayson    - 3 min read
Venue: Takatsuki City When: Early Apr - Early May 2021

Are you a Jazz Music Fan? Are you likely to be in the Kansai Region of Japan during the "Golden Week" holiday period? If you answered Yes to the two questions, then why not allocate two days out of your schedule, and head off out to Takatsuki City for the "Takatsuki Jazz Street Festival". Considered one of the greatest free music shows in Japan, the festival has been operating since 1999 and hasn't stopped growing since.

The T.J.S. (as it is known) is a two-day extravaganza of live jazz featuring over 300 acts, comprising of over 3,000 artists, performing in 72 different locations in-and-around the central business district of Takatsuki City. You can choose to either chill out in one of the four parks, stand curbside or sip a nice latte in one of the many cafes while listening to some smooth live jazz. If it's "Big Band" or "Small Group" or "Solo" acts you are into, then it's all here. If you are a "Traditionalist" or "New-Wave", it will be here too (along with a surprise or two). I can guarantee you won't leave disappointed. How much is this going to cost you (over-and-above your transportation)? Nothing.Zilch. It's all free (in saying that, the proprietors of the cafes would appreciate you purchasing a coffee, etc). There is even a bus that does a circuit of all the venues, and it's free also.

Getting here couldn't be easier. Takatsuki City is serviced by both the Japan Rail and Hankyu Rail networks and is both on the Osaka-to-Kyoto Lines. There are plenty of hotels in the area ranging from the "Upmarket" to the smaller "Business Hotel", and let's not forget the B&B (check attached link)

Here is an idea, if you are coming as a group. Arrive here at 10 am and head for Shiro-Ato Park (when you arrive there will be volunteers, all wearing branded t-shirts, and they will give you a brochure, or magazine more like it, of the schedule and times and locations of all the gigs) grab a table & chairs and settle-in for a great days music. Around the perimeter of the park (it's actually a baseball field) will be a flea market as well as food & drink stalls. Make this your base for the day and, if any of your group wants to explore, take it in turns to do so. If you will be on your own, then just wander about. The music will be everywhere.

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