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On Taste of Tokyo 3 years ago
Telloyd: Thanks for the question. I did find on the website that Taste of Tokyo was organized by a steering committee. The bottom of the website...
On Love Hotel Hill 3 years ago
Nice article and the pictures , Wow!!!
On World's Shortest Escalator 3 years ago
I want to have a picture with it just to say I rode the world's shortest escalator!!!
On Have Fun and Customize Your T-Shirt 3 years ago
That's a great article. I am a "big boy" 3XL USA size . I am wondering if I could bring my own shirt and let them place the design on it. Do...
On Cheap Eats in Japan 3 years ago
Thank you Justin-san for your comments. You are absolutely right in your suggestions but the article was meant to touch the surface on budgeting....